Tips for Running a Kickstarter Campaign

Tips for Running a Kickstarter Campaign
December 8, 2013 logrofarms
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Running our Kickstarter campaign was an amazing learning experience. Creating and executing our crowd-funding effort taught us some valuable things about fund-raising, networking, marketing, and communication for small businesses.

Here are some tips and pointers for running a successful campaign that I’d like to share.

Set attainable funding goals: Calculate your funding requirements and set the Kickstarter goal about 10-20% lower than that. If you don’t reach your goal you get nothing but there’s no penalty for going over.

Make a compelling video: Get in front of the camera and tell your story. People will respond more favorably if they can see the project creators talking about their goals, passions etc. It can be very low budget, what matters is authenticity.

Make creative rewards: We had everything from fresh mushrooms to grow at home kits to tshirts, custom recipes and private parties. Cover all your bases. The most popular reward tier is $25 so take that into consideration too.

Keep it short: The Kickstarter Frequently Asked Questions page suggests that a campaign of shorter duration has a higher likelihood of succeeding.

Have a promotion plan: After we launched our campaign, we did many radio interviews, social network and email promotions, and gorilla marketing (street teams, hanging posters, tear off flyers). Have one on one engagement with as much of your network as you can.

Make it fun and exciting: People want to support cool projects but you need to make it fun, exciting and interesting for them. This will make them more likely to support you.

I hope these ideas are useful and helpful to anyone considering a Kickstarter campaign. I’m always available to answer questions so please contact me anytime.