How to Store Fresh Mushrooms from your Grow at Home Mushroom Kit

How to Store Fresh Mushrooms from your Grow at Home Mushroom Kit
January 13, 2015 logrofarms

Grow at home mushroom kit

If you’ve read our previous blogs about our grow at home mushroom kit, you’ve learned about the incredible properties our fungal friends contain and their implications for the advancement of humanity. We could talk all day about potentials in medicine, biosecurity, national security, agriculture, terraforming, and bio-communication. However, we’d be doing our shrooms a disservice if we didn’t take time to talk about just how absolutely delicious they are. Chances are, if you’re reading this you think they’re pretty tasty too.

One of the more pressing questions people have when they’re burdened by such an abundance of mushrooms (a kit can give you over 1.5 lbs!) is how to effectively preserve them long enough for consumption. What a great question! Since shrooms aren’t plants they require a different approach than most fruits and veggies. So get out your pencil and pad (or ipad) and get ready to eat more mushrooms.

That’s a lot of Mushrooms!

One of the coolest things about mushrooms is that they grow fast, and most of the time faster than we can eat them. Unless you want to eat mushrooms everyday it’s well worth the time to figure out how you can extend their shelf life for future use. An important thing to remember is that mushrooms aren’t plants – in fact they are more like us in many ways. The human body is comprised of about 70% water and mushrooms are even more water laden with about 80-90% of their weight being H2O. So in storing them, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. They need to breathe

Grow at home mushroom kit

Let’s imagine that every night you went to sleep in a full-body wetsuit. You would sweat, your skin become clammy, puff up, and eventually slough off over time. These aren’t carrots or celery sticks we’re talking about. Mushrooms have airy, breathable “skin” just like us, and just like us – they need the right amount of moisture. So if you’re thinking about putting your shrooms in an airtight Ziploc bag, you’re going to be mighty disappointed and disgusted when they become brown and slimy (rot).

2. Never Preslice them

Grow at home mushroom kit

This is kind of a basic rule for any edible, but people tend to do it because it saves prep time. However, mushrooms are especially prone to ruining when presliced before storage. If you preslice your mushrooms they will dry out much faster than leaving them whole. Leave those fun guys intact and your mouth, tummy, and wallet will thank you later.

3. Paper Towels are your Friend

Grow at home mushroom kit

Finally, another use for those paper towels besides cleaning up sauces and spills! Depending on how many mushrooms you’re putting away, wrap them in a couple dry paper towels. Next, take a plastic bag, poke plenty of holes in the sides, and place the wrapped mushrooms inside and on a shelf in your fridge. This approach has a two-fold purpose. The plastic bag will retain some moisture, while the paper towels will help to absorb the excess – making it an ideal environment: cool, and dry. Your shrooms should last up to two weeks stored this way.

Time for a new batch? First-time Shroomer?

By following the above storage method you should be able to get the most for your money during the life of your kit. But, eventually your grow at home mushroom kit will run its course and it’ll be time for another order! Haven’t tried it before? Order yours today and see what all the fungi is about.

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