Snorkel – Jester King’s Mushroom Beer

Snorkel – Jester King’s Mushroom Beer
July 23, 2014 Ryan Sansbury


We are very excited to announce the release of Snorkel – a collaboration brew between Jester King Brewery and Logro Farms. Here’s some info about the beer from Jester King’s blog.

We’re pleased to introduce our latest beer: Jester King Snörkel — a farmhouse ale brewed with alderwood smoked sea salt and oyster mushrooms grown by our neighbor Logro Farms. Logro Farms is located just a few hundred yards from Jester King Brewery at Ceres Park Ranch. They use spent grain from our beer to sustainably grow delicious oyster mushrooms. We’re excited to have now come full circle by using their mushrooms grown from our spent grain to make a new beer.

The release date for Snorkel is August 15th. We’ll be available to give tours of our sustainable farm and to answer any questions. Cheers!