Mycoculture: Sustainable Living with Oyster Mushrooms

Mycoculture: Sustainable Living with Oyster Mushrooms
November 4, 2015 logrofarms
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Have you ever done the same thing over and over and expected to get a different result? Be honest, we all have in one way or another. It’s pretty silly to think things will change if we don’t – in fact, it’s pretty dumb. Unfortunately, that’s been the approach to agriculture for some time now.

Only recently have agricultural technologies been adopted that specifically address a huge problem in farming – waste. These new methods turn mycoculture and grow at home mushroom kits weeds, animal waste, spent grain, wood chips, and other organic materials into foundations for production. One of these methods is known as mycoculture.

Mycoculture is all about using fungi to get rid of waste and to produce nutritious food at the same time. It mimics nature’s natural processes – the best processes, because in nature there’s no such thing as waste. Everything living or dead is in a continual stage of transition within its ecosystem. With that in mind, why wouldn’t we work with nature rather than against it?

We decided to be part of the solution.

We started Logro Farms not become rich, but to be part of a solution to the food and waste problems that have long gone unchecked. It so happens mycoculture and grow at home mushroom kitsthat mushrooms were our answer. The beauty of Logro Farms and our Oyster mushrooms is that beyond all the science lies a beautifully simple concept: fungi + waste = food.

We now produce hundreds of pounds of delicious Oyster mushrooms a month at our farm near Austin, TX. Throughout our experience we’ve kept one mission in mind: to educate anyone who will listen about the wonders of fungi and the implications they have for healing our planet.

Oyster mushrooms are just the beginning…

We chose Oyster mushrooms because of their popularity and ease of cultivation and growth. However, we’re not content to stop here. We have plans to grow different species and add them to our grow at home mushroom kit line. Already we’ve explored different areas of “at home” grows with our wheatgrass and microgreen kits.

We decided to be part of the solution, and we’d like to invite you to be a part of it too. Check out our shop to see our line of grow at home kits. If you find yourself near Austin, TX, come visit us – we’d love show you around!

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