Mushroom Kits, Pizza, and Beer: Scrumptious and Sustainable

Mushroom Kits, Pizza, and Beer: Scrumptious and Sustainable
April 13, 2015 logrofarms
grow at home mushroom kit

grow at home mushroom kit

Here at Logro Farms we are busy unveiling the microscopic, mysterious world of mushrooms. It’s been some months since we first started our endeavor to share the joy of our grow at home mushroom kits. The response and interest from the community has been fantastic, and even moreso at our shared space just outside Dripping Springs.

If you’ve never come to visit us, we assure you you’re missing out! Not because of us per se, but because we’ve partnered up with two amazing companies doing equally amazing things in the arena of sustainability.


Jester King Brewery

Jester King Brewery is an authentic farmhouse brewery committed to making wild ales and spontaneously fermented beers that reflect the unique character of their location I the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Like the small farmhouse breweries that inspired them, Jester King Brewery pursues beer making with time, patience, unique fermentation, full attenuation, and refermentation. Water for all their brews is sourced locally, onsite at the farm. Jester King Brewery uses locally grown grains and native, wild yeast to make beer that is wildly unique and wholly South Texas in flavor.

Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza

Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza was started by friends looking for a new way to take care of their families while enjoying what they do and where they do it. The pizzeria is on Ceres Park Ranch and is named after it’s first bull, Stanley. They offer handcrafted, artisan pizza using fresh ingredients found at local farms and gardens whenever possible. They are proud of their beer list that features breweries in Austin as well as across the US.

Logro Farms

That’s us! We operate alongside Jester King Brewery and Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza to create some unforgettable pizzas and beers. We utilize spent grains from the brewery to grow our mushrooms and organic produce for the pizzas! Ours is a symbiotic, sustainable relationship that is only growing stronger as we share ideas inspiration!


Be a part of the solution

We invite you to come out and experience the magic that is happening at Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza, Jester King Brewery, and Logro Farms. Order the freshest pizza you’ve ever tasted, take a brew-tour, and learn what Logro Farms is doing to help promote sustainability in our community. But you don’t have to wait to start making a change. Swing by our store and pick up one of our mushroom kits today!

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