Mushroom Kits: More Responsible than Foraging

Mushroom Kits: More Responsible than Foraging
March 16, 2015 logrofarms

Mushroom kit

Foraging for mushrooms, or any produce for that matter, has become a booming business in recent years. People will go out with friends or family and look for all sorts of tasty treats to cook up for dinner. With help from the recent ‘organic’ and ‘farm-to-table’ trends, mushroom foragers are having a great time in all regions of the U.S. But, sadly, over foraging is having a damaging effect on the ecology in some of these regions, thus making it necessary for governing bodies to create new regulations on foraging and gathering. If you’re looking for a more ecologically conscious alternative, why not try a mushroom kit?


Foraging in the Wild

Mushroom foraging is a popular ‘sport’ for those who live in wet, woody areas. The Pacific-Northwest and the far south, such as East Texas and Western Louisiana, are among the most popular spots for foragers. But, in the northwest in particular, foraging is starting to do more damage than good. It’s easy enough to walk along a path in a park and see a mushroom, know that it’s okay to pick it, and doing so, but oftentimes foraging for the best specimens involves going into the deepest, most untouched parts of an ecosystem. This involves trampling through woods that may not be used to human contact and sometimes leaving behind a trail of trash as people go out on a hike. Removing mushrooms from their habitat also affects the ecosystem by removing a natural decomposer, sometimes completely, from the region. This has led some lawmakers in the northwest to propose and pass laws making it more difficult for foragers to gather crops in state and national parks.


Foraging in the Backyard

While some decide to go looking for plants and fungi in largely untouched areas, others do so right in their backyard. Well, close enough to their backyard. Some individuals will set up weekly meetings and go to local city parks or public spaces and pick mushrooms or overgrown edible plants. But in this instance, foraging or disrupting plants in any city or private property is considered illegal. Some foragers argue against this policy by saying that they’re controlling growth and removing what are sometimes considered invasive species. But, as for now, city officials and private landowners disagree with the statements made by gatherers and continue prosecuting anyone caught disrupting their landscaping.


If you’re not sure whether or not it’s legal for you to forage in your region, you could always check with the state, county, or parks service, but why take the chance? Foraging for mushrooms can be, and is, a dangerous endeavor. What’s the safest way to make sure you’re getting high quality mushrooms without heading to the big box retailer? Pick up a Logro mushroom kit. Click on the link below to grab one of your own and start foraging in your kitchen today.

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