Mushroom Kits and Community: An Interview with Ryan Sansbury

Mushroom Kits and Community: An Interview with Ryan Sansbury
June 3, 2015 logrofarms

grow at home mushroom kitRecently we had the privilege of sitting down with the co-founder of Logro Farms, Ryan Sansbury. In this interview we learn from Ryan about how Logro Farms is positioning itself to make a positive impact in South Texas community at large and how you can be a part of something bigger than yourself.


Which particular community organizations has Logro Farms chosen to partner with?

Ryan: “We’ve been working with these organizations primarily but we plan to expand this list very soon.”

UT Green Corps.
UT Edible Materials Lab
Myco Alliance
Sustainable Food Center Farmers Markets
Texas Campaign for the Environment
Slow Food Austin


What do you hope to accomplish through these relationships for yourself and for the community?

Ryan: “We hope to expand awareness of sustainable farming practices and further engage with people who are passionate about mushrooms and growing organic food.”


How do you go about introducing Logro Farms to those who may be quite unfamiliar with its mission?

Ryan: “Here’s our mission statement from our business plan:

‘Logro Farms is a sustainable farm in Austin, Texas that specializes in the production of gourmet oyster mushrooms. Our company has developed a unique grow at home mushroom kitsystem that transforms local agricultural waste streams into highly nutritious organic produce and natural food products. We see huge opportunities in the challenge of food scarcity and have developed innovative systems to capitalize on the growing need for healthy and sustainable products in the marketplace.

Logro Farms’ mission is to utilize a sustainable food production system to create maximum value for our customers while having a positive impact on our social, economic and environmental stakeholders.'”


What kind of response do you see from younger kids and teens? Do you find they are eager to learn more about sustainability and full-cycle farming?

Ryan: “We donate our mushroom kits to many schools from kindergarten to college students and all of the kids have a great time growing the mushrooms and learning about sustainability. They really love watching them grow and harvesting them when they’re ready. We also donate a lot of our mushroom compost to school and community gardens. The students and teachers are always very grateful and excited when we deliver this to them.”


How has your relationship with Jester King Brewery and Stanley’s Pizza evolved since you first moved into the farm?

Ryan: “Our relationship with Jester King Brewery and Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza is better than ever these days. We’ve been providing Stanley’s with all of their mushrooms consistently for 32 weeks and plan to continue for many years to come. Jester King just brewed another batch of their amazing mushroom beer, Snorkel, and they plan to continue making it because the demand is so high. We love working with both of them and are excited for additional collaborations in the future.”


How do you hope to further expand Logro’s identity and influence in and around the community?

Ryan: “We plan to expand our community outreach and donation programs this summer to engage even more schools and students with our sustainable message. We will donate our products, give classes and workshops and host tours and educational events at our farm.”


How can organizations or individuals get involved further with Logro Farms and full cycle farming?

Ryan: “People can get involved with us by volunteering and collaborating with us on many different types of projects. We plan to incorporate a volunteer calendar into the new website design. To find out about local events and our future plans for community involvement, Contact Logro Farms today!”

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