Mushroom Growing Kits from Logro Farms: Be a Part of the Solution

Mushroom Growing Kits from Logro Farms: Be a Part of the Solution
December 15, 2014 logrofarms
Logro Farm Oyster Mushroom Kit

A solution denotes the presence of a problem, and when it comes to how food is sourced and consumed in the United States, it doesn’t take long to realize the way we’ve been doing things for decades is reaching  a critical point. According to recent data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) from 1983-2013, total planted acres have dropped from an average of 330,000,000 acres from 1983-1999, to just under 320,000,000 acres in 2000-2013. This is a total crop average drop of over 10,000,000 acres in only three decades. As a result, crop yields are also dropping at an equally alarming rate. We are finally seeing the very real impacts of mass agriculture and poor farming practices – methods that emphasize production and profit over permanent, natural solutions.

Grow at home Mushroom kit Austin Texas

This is supposed to be the land of plenty, and for all practical purposes it still is in many ways, but numbers don’t lie and the time to change how we grow food in our country, our states, and even in our own cities and homes is long overdue. What holds us back from progress and change is mostly ignorance. Most of us are willing to make a better choice as long as we are presented with one.

At Logro Farms we’ve been developing full-cycle farming solutions that we feel enhance and benefit the farming process exponentially. By using sustainable, repeatable, organic methods that are focused on working with nature instead of against it, we’ve been able to produce enough local, organic produce for the benefit of restaurants, breweries, cooks, students, schools, and individuals. We are becoming the solution and teaching others how they can become one too.

Our Brainchild: The Grow-at-Home Mushroom Kit

When Logro Farms first started, we weren’t busy trying to produce every vegetable you’ve ever had. We wanted to do things right and so we got back to the basics, back to ground level – literally, we started with soil. Healthy soil produces healthy fruits and vegetables, but what makes soil healthy? Not Miracle Grow, fertilizers, or pesticides that’s for sure. We discovered that the healthiest soils were rich in decomposing, organic compounds and the microorganisms that feed on them – fungi.

Since then we’ve become absolutely obsessed with fungi and mushrooms and how they can help solve some of the biggest problems facing our planet. We want to share the gift of mushrooms to all and so we’ve created our very own Mushroom Growing Kit that you can use to produce over 1.5lbs of mushrooms in the comfort of your own abode. Not only will you stop having to throw down your hard-earned cash for premium priced organic shrooms, you’ll become empowered to start taking control of where your food comes from and how it’s produced.

Logro Farm Oyster Mushroom Kitlogro farms mushroom kit



– Sustainably Designed for 100% Recyclability 
– Produces delicious, healthy Oyster Mushrooms
– A great way to supplement your diet
– Able to grow up to 1.5 lbs (a bounty!) of mushrooms
– A fantastic educational experience for people of all ages
– A sure-fire conversation starter!




Our passion is to get you excited about responsibly sourced and sustainable foods that you can share with you friends and family. Become part of the solution and a part of our family today with your very own mushroom growing kit from Logro Farms.

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