Mama Mia! Why Mario Would Love his Own Home Mushroom Kit

Mama Mia! Why Mario Would Love his Own Home Mushroom Kit
January 28, 2015 logrofarms
grow at home mushroom kit

grow at home mushroom kit

Probably the most iconic video game character of all time, Mario has been nothing short of a cultural phenomenon spanning the last three decades. Even now, fans the world over are whipped into a frenzy at the mere hint of a new Mario game. Along with the main character, Mario’s world has spawned a legion of iconic images and symbols, chief of which are the slew of colored mushrooms that give our protagonist plumber various prodigious powers.


The Super MushroomSuper Mushroom

The most memorable of all Mario’s mushrooms – the Super Mushroom! Starting out a level as a little guy means you have to be perfect or die. This much welcomed mushroom makes you twice as big and able to take punch without it being game over. Found throughout most levels, they still have to be found, so get to head-butting those question mark boxes.

Mushy Fact: In reality mushrooms really are super. They have potential to combat disease, clean the environment, and even help plants grow bigger and better.


Rock Mushroom
Rock Mushroom - Grow at Home Mushroom Kit

The Rock Mushroom is a lesser known type unless you’ve played many of the games in the series. It turns Mario into stone whereby then he can destroy his enemies through sheer momentum and force.

Mushy Fact: Mushrooms may be small and tender, but they have been known to burst through tough ground, asphalt, and even concrete as they grow.


Mini Mushroom
Mini Mushroom - grow at home mushroom kit

The Mini Mushroom gives Mario an advantage not by making him bigger, but smaller. He can walk across water, float through the air, and enter tiny nooks and crannies he wouldn’t normally be able to.

Mushy Fact: Mushrooms actually are the fruit of Mycelium that grow from tiny spores. Billions of spores are transferred through the water and the air every day.


Mega Mushroom
Mega Mushroom - grow at home mushroom kit

This one is the opposite of the Mini Mushroom. The Mega Mushroom turns Mario into a giant who can pummel anything in his path.

Mushy Fact: The unusual mushroom Bridgeoporus nobilissimus, found in the Cascade Oregon region can reach a mega weight of nearly 300 pounds!


Bee Mushroom
Bee  Mushroom - grow at home mushroom kit

Another lesser known Mario Mushroom is the Bee Mushroom. It turns Mario into a bee, giving powers of temporary flight, allowing him to walk on the clouds, and stick to honeycombs found throughout the level.

Mushy Fact: Recently it’s been discovered that honey bee populations actually rely on various fungi for protection and resistance to harmful chemicals, parasites, and viruses that can decimate colonies.


1Up Mushroom
+1 Mushroom - grow at home mushroom kit

You’re on the last level of a world, you’ve lost your power ups and you’re a tiny, defenseless plumber racing against time and a hoard of ghosts bent on taking your soul. Oh, and you have no lives remaining. Anyone would freak out. Then it happens. A 1Up Mushroom drops from the sky in a “maybe there is a God” moment. You’ve been granted another life.

Mushy Fact: No real mushroom can give you an extra life, but they can make it a lot more enjoyable with the nutritious punch they pack. Eat up!


No Magic in Our Mushrooms

We don’t live in a world where mushrooms give us magical powers, but they can transform our lives in some pretty unique ways when it comes to our awareness of the planet and our health. Discover what makes Mario so super and grab your grow at home mushroom kit today!

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