Look at Them Grow! Cultivating Minds with Education Packs from 3D Growers

Look at Them Grow! Cultivating Minds with Education Packs from 3D Growers
April 7, 2016 logrofarms
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Environmental awareness and sustainable living habits begin in the classroom. Nurturing seedlings at school is a great way to engage students in a hands-on science lesson that will expand their understanding of growth as it relates to plants. For many younger students, these gardening projects are their first agricultural experience.

As a part of Logro Farms’ efforts to make gardening simple and accessible for everyone, our newest initiative seeks to bring plants to the people. 3D Growers is a new line of custom, 3D-printed planters designed to give you a personalized gardening space by combining the latest developments in 3D printing, home gardening and creative design.

Education Packs are one offering from 3D Growers that makes the growing-in-classroom process simple. Each education pack comes with a complete set of instructions, soil and organic seeds for each student to grow, plus you can customize them with your choice of color and materials (including plant-based plastics like recycled brewers grains and coffee grounds). You can get an education pack for your child’s classroom or donate one to a school of your choice.



With an education pack, students will be able to

  • Use observation skills
  • Identify seed and seedling parts
  • Identify the main parts of a plant and their function
  • Investigate processes such as germination and photosynthesis
  • Apply the scientific method
  • Graph the growth of their seeds over several weeks


Education Packs provide and up close and personal look at seed growth for students. You can choose between a pack of 12 and a pack of 24.

  • Pledge $125 or more – 24 pack
  • Pledge $74 or more – 12 pack

3DGrowers custom printed globe with plant


Visit our Kickstarter page to learn more about this brand new initiative. We’re offering a huge variety of 3D Growers for this campaign including planters for your kitchen counter, hanging planters, special planter sets, jumbo sized planters and even planters you can wear and take with you on the go.

Did we mention FREE shipping in the U.S.?


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