Know Your Mushrooms: Gourmet Edition

Know Your Mushrooms: Gourmet Edition
June 11, 2015 logrofarms
grow at home mushroom kit

grow at home mushroom kit
There are many different types of mushrooms around the world, so many in fact that it’s thought that only 10% have been catalogued worldwide. Among that ten percent is an even smaller number that are known to be perfectly edible and delicious. The problem is that we seldom run into any opportunity to try anything different than the prototypical button mushrooms we typically buy at the supermarket. So


My, my you’re cute as a button! This is the most common type of mushroom consumed. It’s put on pizzas, pastas, next time you find yourself at a 5-star French restaurant staring at a menu item with the ingredient “Cremini”, you’ll be more inclined to try something new after learning about the most common gourmet mushrooms.salads, kabobs, in sauces and countless other dishes. Buttons are popular because they grow extremely fast and are thus less expensive than most other gourmet mushrooms.


Cremini mushrooms are often confused with the above buttons primarily because they are of similar size and shape. However, one very noticeable difference is that Creminis have brown caps and a more intense flavor.


You’ve probably seen these big boys hanging out in the produce aisle. They are basically large Cremini mushrooms that have had their stem cut off. Portobellos are grilled and are a common meat substitute in vegetarian burgers.


Primarily found in Asia, the Shitake mushroom has been cultivated for over 800 years in this part of the world. In Japan the Shitake is used in Miso soup while in China it is commonly used in a dish known as Buddha’s Delight.


This one is found right inside our very own grow at home mushroom kit here at Logro Farms. A subtle taste and chewy texture. Pick yours up today!


Ah these beauties are a wonder to behold as the trumpet out in golden splendor. Chanterelles can sell for as much as $50/lb and can only be found in the wild. They have a nutty/meaty flavor with a hint of spiciness.


We want to eaaatt your braaiiinnss! No, but we’ll certainly help you out with those mouth-watering Morels you got there. Morels are also only found in the wild and such can fetch quite the high price at the market. They look bizarre too!


Possibly the most difficult to find fungi because they only grow underground. Truffles are highly sought after and are as close to treasure as food can get. The rarest truffles can sell for $2000/lb!

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