Kitchen Organization Hacks

Kitchen Organization Hacks
January 21, 2016 logrofarms
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You are a foodie who loves fresh, organic and healthful foods that nourish the body and soul, but your kitchen isn’t the most organized. You spend a significant amount of time cooking, chatting and entertaining in your culinary space, so dedicate some hours combining, cataloguing, cleaning up and making the most of your area. These kitchen organization hacks will save you time, energy and oodles of space.


PROBLEM: Small Pantry

SOLUTION: Floating Shelves 

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Running low on places to store your dried goods? Check out this genius DIY project to increase pantry space and reduce chaos on countertops. The clean lines of these simple shelves are easy on the eyes and the project is gentle on the wallet. All you need is a few pine boards, metal brackets and giant airtight jars.


PROBLEM: Mixed Up Measurements

SOLUTION: Concise Cabinetry

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If your measuring utensils are buried in a miscellaneous kitchen drawer with little to no hope of being found quickly, this hack is for you. Keep measuring equivalents and measuring cups handy with some hooks, chalkboard paint and a chalk marker. This creates a space-saving place for essential culinary tools, making them easily accessible and organized.


PROBLEM: Disorder

SOLUTION: Magazine Holders

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Magazine holders are an inexpensive, simple way to corral a variety of goods. Turn them on their side for sturdy stacking in the freezer or pantry, use as a small veggie holder in the pantry or attach to the inside of a kitchen cabinet for use as a cutting board holder. These can be found in a variety of materials including metal, cardboard and wood.


PROBLEM: No Room For Your Home Greens

SOLUTION: Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden

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No counter space for your indoor garden? No problem. Whether you are looking to grow fresh herbs or a small garden, organic eats are as easy as installing a few curtain rods in front of a window and adding aluminum painter’s buckets labeled for easy differentiation.

Looking for more opportunities to grow at home? Logro Farm’s Oyster Mushroom Kit can thrive in any space. Simply spray with a bit of water, place in indirect sunlight and voilà – instant healthful, organic food.

Logro Farm Oyster Mushroom Kit


PROBLEM: Counter Clutter

SOLUTION: Vintage Boxes or Crates

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Keep your counter clutter to a minimum with a beautiful vintage box or tray like this to group like items and consolidate tools that are used frequently. This idea is perfect for tucking away cutting boards, displaying regularly used spices and oils or arranging a coffee station.

Now that you have improved your culinary sphere with our simple organization hacks, you have more than enough room to grow foodstuffs of your own. Click below for super simple kits and grow microgreens, wheatgrass or mushrooms.

Grown Your Own