Inside a Mushroom Kit: 3 Stages of Fungal Life

Inside a Mushroom Kit: 3 Stages of Fungal Life
April 29, 2015 logrofarms

It’s a cardboard box with some sawdust inside. It may not look like much, but a mushroom kit from Logro Farms packs some serious magic. If you’ve followed our blog throughout the months, you may have learned that mushrooms are simply the fruit of a much more unfamiliar looking stage of fungal growth – mycelium. In addition, the mycelial stage of fungi is only the first visible sign of the organism as it transitions from its microscopic, spore stage. Sound confusing? Let’s define some of the terms.



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It’s been said that only about 10% of fungi have been catalogued and discovered. This means that there is a whole world left to be discovered. The reason why fungi are so hard to identify, document and track down is because of how the reproduce. Fungi use a microscopic method of asexual reproduction for dispersal and survival known as spores. These unicellular units are much too small to be seen with the naked eye and sometimes appear as only a stain or smudge en masse. The Greek word for spore literally means “seed” or “sowing” and millions of spores are produced from a single mushroom which then can travel on the wind or on the water to be dispersed. So that giant Oyster mushroom you’re about to eat? It used to be a single, unseen spore floating on the breeze.



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Once our microscopic spores find a suitable place to grow, the next stage of fungal life can take place. The spore begins to replicate and divide and inhabit the soil it finds itself in. It does this by forming long, strand-like roots called mycelium. This mycelium continues to weave its web and consume the decaying organic matter in its environment – acquiring the necessary energy for the most intensive stage of fungal life – the production of mushrooms.



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When the mycelium is finished inhabiting and eating all of the food and space it can get its tendrils on, it is time to start the reproductive process again. This means that the mycelium will now “fruit”, meaning it will produce mushrooms. Remember, mushrooms are simply the fruit of mycelium – much like fruit produced from a tree. Once mushrooms begin to poke out of the soil, they grow rapidly and can reach full maturity in just a couple of days. When a mushroom reaches maturity, it drops millions spores into the environment and the process beings all over again.

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It’s hard to imagine that so much goes on inside a mushroom kit that you don’t know about. Inside is a tiny world of millions of spores that have the potential to produce millions of mushrooms. The mycelial network goes into overdrive, breaking down and creating energy for its most notable fungal strage – mushroom fruiting. So next time you’re eating a mushroom – consider what had to happen to get from the ground to your mouth.

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