Inside a Mushroom kit: 10 Fun Fungi Facts

Inside a Mushroom kit: 10 Fun Fungi Facts
May 14, 2015 logrofarms

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1. Only 10% of Mushrooms are Known

There are over 80,000 species of fungi that have been identified. Over 200 are cultivated. Scientists believe that there could be as many as 2,000,000 species on the planet waiting to be discovered.


2. Mushrooms Breathe like Us

Mushrooms are usually found in the produce aisle of the grocery store, but let’s make certain we don’t confuse them with a plants. Mushrooms aren’t plants and in fact have much more in common with humans genetically than plants. One important way they are similar to us is that they need oxygen to survive rather than CO2 like plants.


3. Over Two Dozen Species Glow in the Dark

Of the thousands of mushroom species identified, some don’t appear particularly flamboyant until the lights go out. There are nearly 30 types of mushrooms that exhibit bioluminescence.


4. They Double their Size in 24hrs

Don’t mushrooms seem like they appear in bunches out of nowhere? This is because that most of the time the fungus is waiting underground for optimal growing or “fruiting” conditions. Once a mushroom has pinned it grows at a rapid rate and can reach dull maturity in only a couple of days.


5. Spores are Nearly Indestructible

Fungi don’t spread via seeds or sex. Mushrooms drop millions of spores that are capable of reproducing a completely genetically identical individual. Each spore is made up of the strongest naturally occurring substance known to science – chitin. This chitin is so strong it’s said that mushroom spores could travel through space and still be viable.


6. The Mario Mushroom is REAL

It’s called the Fly agaric mushroom and it looks exactly like the one that makes Mario big. This mushroom contains a psychoactive substance that makes objects appear bigger or smaller.


7. A Truffle is the Most Expensive Food

It’s safe to say that you and I have probably never had a “real” truffle. These slow-growing, hidden fungal treasures are highly sought after around the world as a delicacy. The most expensive truffle ever sold was a 3 pound white truffle with a bid price of over $330,000.


8. Mushrooms + Light = Vitamin D

Mushrooms are the only food in the produce section of your grocery store that contains vitamin D. However, did you know that mushrooms only produce vitamin D when exposed to light?


9. The Largest Organism on Earth is a Fungus

In Oregon there is a 2200 acre Honey Mushroom fungus that is over 2000 years old.


10. More Spores than People

When a single mushroom releases its spores, it’s a number greater than the entire human population of the planet. The average spore drop count for a single mushroom is 16,000,000,000.


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