Home Mushroom Kit Facts from Logro Farms

Home Mushroom Kit Facts from Logro Farms
April 3, 2015 logrofarms
Grow-at-home Oyster Mushroom Kit

Grow-at-home Oyster Mushroom Kit

By now you may have become with familiar with Logro farms and what it is we are all about – grow at home mushroom kits. We genuinely believe that these small cardboard boxes full of sawdust and soil can change communities one individual at a time. If you’ve helped get the conversation started where you live, thank you! Just as a fresh reminder to you and all of your fellow shroomers out there, here are a few quick tips so you can get the most out of your home mushroom kit.


How to grow mushrooms with the Logro Farms Grow at Home Mushroom Kit?

1. Find a nice dry place for your grow at home mushroom kit away from direct sunlight or air drafts.

2. Remove one front panel from the box and cut a large 2X3 inch ‘x’ in the bag with a sterilized knife or clean pair of scissors. Use our included mister to spray the opening 2-3 times per day with filtered water.

3. Continue watering 2-3 times daily until the mushrooms begin to bud out and are fully grown. Entire wroth period takes place in approximately 2 weeks.

4. Harvest when the edges of the mushroom caps begin to curl upwards. Once harvested, you can soak the bag in water overnight and repeat steps 1-5 to grow a second cluster of oyster mushrooms. You can repeat this soaking than harvesting process up to a total of 4 times over the life of the mushroom kit.


How long can I store my grow at home mushroom kit?

Your mushroom kit can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 months before fruiting. You can extend the storage period to up to 6 months by placing your kit in the refrigerator.


What is the expected yield of my grow at home mushroom kit?

Your kit has the potential to yield up 1 pound of oyster mushrooms over the life of the kit.


What should I do with my spent grow at home oyster mushroom kit?

You can add the remaining mushroom substrate to your garden soil or compost pile. Don’t forget to recycle the plastic bag and cardboard box as well!

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