Home Chic Home: Living Wall Décor

Home Chic Home: Living Wall Décor
March 30, 2016 logrofarms
hanging plant 3d printing 3d growers

What better way to incorporate some fresh, colorful elements into your home than by using vertical décor to create a personalized gardening space? Hang planters on your wall or hang them from the ceiling – don’t be shy when it comes to livening up your interior.

logro 3d printed 3d grower hanging on wall


Paintings are stagnate; furniture isn’t fun. Add living art to your wall with a Hanging Planter Set or Wall Mounted Planter Set. Decorate the walls instead of the tabletop or windowsill for an innovative, unique addition to your home.

Logro Farms has recently introduced our newest project – 3D Growers. This line of custom 3D printed planters combines the latest developments in 3D printing, home gardening and creative design to produce a completely personalized growing experience.

As far as wall and ceiling décor, your options to choose from include:

  • Hanging Planter Set
  • Wall Mounted Planter Set


Completely Customizable

Your living wall décor can be created from a limitless combination of shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

3DGrowers 3d printed hanging plant


  1. Visit our Kickstarter
  2. Pledge $30 or more.
  3. Select from any of the large planters featured, including the Hanging Planter Set and the Wall Mounted Planter Set.
  4. Select your organic seeds – organic herbs, mushrooms or microgreens

Add a rustic touch with some greenery to liven up your living space with 3D Growers from Logro Farms.

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