Do something Good this Year with your own Grow at Home Mushroom Kit

Do something Good this Year with your own Grow at Home Mushroom Kit
January 5, 2015 logrofarms

What if you knew that every breath you took would save hundreds of lives in the future?
That’s a weighty thought now isn’t it? However, if you recall the “Butterfly Effect” and how the most seemingly unimportant actions can lead to monumental change, it’s not so hard to realize how much of an influence each one of us has on the environment in which we live. Now is the time to stop thinking of ourselves simply as single organisms and instead cultivate a realization of being a function of the biggest organism ever – the earth.

The most mundane choices we make on a daily basis – the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, how we transport ourselves from home to work, how we entertain ourselves, where we place our value – all have direct impact on our world at large.

What we are tasked with

The world has changed and is practically unrecognizable since the industrial revolution. Quiet pastures have given way to urban sprawl. The tallest trees now stand under the shadows of skyscrapers. How we eat has changed dramatically as well. There used to be a time when almost every family had a patch to farm a crop or garden in to supplement their diet. Food may have been harder to come by but it was good.

Fast forward to our time and you can’t turn your head anywhere without food being shoved into your face. There’s more “food” than ever before, but prices keep going up and people keep getting sicker. The dark side of this overabundance is that the methods used to get us here have largely been impractical, ignorant, and shortsighted. Through science we are seeing the debilitating effects cheap, genetically modified, and hormone laden foods have on a society at large. Our obesity, diabetes, and cancer rates have only increased even with advances in medicine. Something needs to change.

How can we achieve this?

It will take you. Yes, you. This isn’t just a banner for others to unfurl and carry high, it’s a call for each and every one us to step back and take a look at how we are giving back to our communities and environment. It’s so easy to take…and take. However, giving back doesn’t have to be hard; it only requires that you change your thinking. Most people have great intentions, but never act because they don’t feel they will have any impact. Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember the butterfly?

The Logro Farms Solution

Logro Farms exists to be part of a solution to our country’s food production problem. Using sustainable, repeatable methods that are continually refined for less environmental impact and greater yield, we produce an abundance of fresh, organic produce that we in turn share with our local community. What we’ve realized is that our biggest barrier to spreading the message of sustainable farming is education. Once people are given the knowledge, their eyes are opened and the desire to change happens from within.

That’s why we created our very own Grow at Home Mushroom Kit so that anyone, anywhere can take control of their food in a whole new way. Why mushrooms? Well, it turns out that fungi (mushrooms are fungi) could save the world.

Our Oyster Mushroom Kit

logro farms mushroom kit
– Sustainably Designed for 100% Recyclability
– Produces delicious, healthy Oyster Mushrooms
– A great way to supplement your diet
– Able to grow up to 1.5 lbs (a bounty!) of mushrooms
– A fantastic educational experience for people of all ages
– A sure-fire conversation starter!

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