Coming Soon: 3D Growers

Coming Soon: 3D Growers
February 29, 2016 logrofarms
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Logro Farms is growing and ready to expand. The Logro Farms team is excited to announce that we are launching a Kickstarter campaign in a few weeks to release an exciting new product line – 3D GROWERS!


What are 3D Growers?

3D Growers are a new line of custom 3D printed planters designed to give you a personalized gardening space at home. They combine the latest developments in 3D printinghome gardening and creative design into a fun and easy way to garden at home.

3DGrowers penta plant

We will be offering a variety of 3D Growers to choose from including planters for your kitchen counter, hanging planters, special planter sets, an educational pack, jumbo sized planters, and even planters you can wear and take with you on the go.


How will it work?

Pick the planter design that matches your style and personalize it with your choice of color, size, and materials. Then select the type of seeds you want to grow from our collection of organic herbs, mushrooms and microgreens.

It’s that simple!

3DGrowers stackable


Why 3D printing?

We’ve chosen to use the technology of 3D printing to create these planters because of the many advantages it offers. A 3D Printer builds a structure layer by layer using a process called additive manufacturing.

In this relatively new process, virtually any shape can be built from the ground up with a high degree of accuracy and very little wasted material. By creating 3D Growers, Logro Farms is continuing to make low waste and local farming accessible to everyone.

3DGrowers purple flowers hanging


The 3-D Growers Kickstarter campaign launches in a few weeks, so keep in touch with us via social media for updates.

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