About 3D Printing: All The Things You Can Create

About 3D Printing: All The Things You Can Create
March 9, 2016 logrofarms
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We are counting down the launch of our 3D Growers Kickstarter Campaign within the next few weeks! The excitement is building and the suspense is just about killing us. To celebrate and prepare our supporters for the announcements to come, we are posting a series of blogs with some background information on our new products and how they will be made.

First up – 3D printing… Chances are you’ve heard of it, but do you know how it works or where it came from? Because we will be using this method of printing for our latest project, we want you to know all about it.




Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is the process of printing, layer by layer, any three-dimensional object based on a digital file. Current technology allows about 250 different materials to be printed including titanium, rubber, plastic, glass, ceramic, leathers and even food products.

3D printers now have the ability to print complex structures – we have seen everything from jet engines to medical prosthetics being created. The fashion world has also recently been taken by storm by this new printing phenomenon. Footwear brands like Nike, New Balance and Under Armor are testing out the technology and launching the first rounds of their 3D-printed shoes.

Check out this ready-to-wear clothing line created entirely using a desk 3D printer – anything is possible.

3D printing has the capability to improve accessibility, reduce cost and streamline efficiency when creating just about anything.



Additive manufacturing is revolutionary in its contrast to traditional manufacturing, which focuses on removing material until you’ve achieved your desired shape or injecting material into a mold. These are expensive processes that sometimes involve materials that are environmentally harmful.

3D printing uses thermoplastics when printing – they can be remelted and reshaped into new objects several times. This radical reusability creates a culture centered on sustainability.



In just a few short weeks, Logro Farms will be launching our Kickstarter to purchase a large 3D printer so we are able to custom print planters of all shapes and sizes. From wearables to hanging planters to planter chess sets, we are expanding our product line, but staying true to our mission toward making low-waste home gardening easy and fun for everyone.


The 3-D Growers Kickstarter campaign launches in about a week, so keep in touch with us via social media for updates.

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