4 Sustainable Products You Need To Support

4 Sustainable Products You Need To Support
May 20, 2016 logrofarms
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Globally, trends in sustainable living have been growing and expanding within the past few years. Incredible new initiatives are being shared on social media and supported more and more by the general public.

At Logro Farms, we began our business with the intent to produce natural, grow-at-home food products using a sustainable farming model. Our production of gourmet mushrooms and natural produce launched with tremendous community support in 2013 through a successful crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter. Our latest project, 3D Growers just raised over $12 thousand dollars on the same platform.

We are so thankful for all of the support, and we have been inspired and impressed with the quality of the products that we are seeing as well. Here are a few of our favorite sustainable products from small-scale innovative startups.




The world’s most energy efficient light bulb


Founded by a team of post-graduate students at the University of Toronto, NanoLeaf is the most energy efficient LED light bulb in the world. The product’s origami-like aesthetic is gorgeous, and is meant to project omni-directional light. The dimmable bulb was also launched on Kickstarter and is meant to last up to 27 years. There are currently two NanoLeaf bulbs available: the Ivy and the Gem, which when wirelessly connected the NanoLeaf Hub, can be turned on, off and change color by voice control or via your iPhone.


Revelo FLEX

A folding, portable electric bicycle


Avid cyclist Henry Chong, from Toronto, founded the Revelo Electric Bike in 2010. His goal was to create ultra-light, portable, chainless electric bikes and usher in a new era of personal electric transportation. The Revelo Electric Bike is the perfect urbanite’s companion. It provides accessibility to clean, electric transportation for people living in any urban environment. The Revelo FLEX can travel up to 20 miles on its lithium-ion battery, with the battery itself set to last over 1,000 full recharges (that’s the equivalent of approximately 4 to 5 years of average use).


Just Water

The next best thing to tap

bottleSpecsHigh just water

Just Water’s bottle is made of 53 percent paper, sourced from trees that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The rest is plant-based plastic, along with a small amount of aluminum. The bottles are fully recyclable, and recently the company released a new bottle with the top portion made of plant-based plastic derived from sugar cane. Just Water is a product that is less harmful to the environment and creates fewer carbon emissions. The company uses a well on the city’s watershed property and employs local residents to package the product.


Logro Farms – of course!

Brining sustainable, organic farming to homes around the world


Logro Farms has developed a unique farming system that utilizes fungi to transform local agricultural byproducts into healthy and delicious food for our customers. Since its creation, the company has diverted more than 10 tons of agricultural waste away from Austin landfills and has recycled these materials into healthy food for thousands of families. Our grow-at-home mushroom, wheatgrass and microgreen kits are bringing sustainable, full-cycle farming to your kitchen.

Supporting sustainable living means reducing your consumption of natural and personal resources. By reducing your carbon footprint and investing in altering methods of energy, consumption and diet, you are taking care of our planet and future generations. To learn more about Logro Farms, visit the farm, or try one of our products for yourself.

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