3D Growers

Logro Farms is an award winning sustainable farm in Austin and we’re back with our second Kickstarter campaign to launch our newest project. 3D Growers are a collection of 3D printed planters that can be completely customized to match your lifestyle and personality.

3D Growers are a new line of custom 3D printed planters designed to give you a personalized gardening space at home. Create your own unique planter from a limitless combination of shapes, sizes, colors and materials to choose from.

We’re offering a huge variety of 3D Growers for this campaign including planters for your kitchen counter, hanging planters, special planter sets, an educational pack, jumbo sized planters, and even planters you can wear and take with you on the go.

3D Growers combine the latest developments in 3D printing, home gardening and creative design into a completely personalized growing experience.

Simply pick your favorite piece from our collection and customize it with your choice of size, color and materials. You can even have a totally unique planter design created based on your pictures and ideas if you select the 100% custom reward level.

Not only will you have your pick of any planter or set featured on this page, but you’ll have exclusive access to the hundreds of new designs we will be developing once the campaign is completed.

Thanks for your support!

By contributing to our project you will not only get your very own custom planter, but you’ll be supporting a team of passionate entrepreneurs with a vision for healthy, fun and sustainable food grown in every home.

Your contribution will be used to:

  • Purchase a production-level 3D printer and post production equipment.
  • Grow the team with new designers and production specialists.
  • Complete a database of initial 3D Grower designs.

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