3 Reasons a Home Mushroom Kit Makes Sense

3 Reasons a Home Mushroom Kit Makes Sense
January 20, 2015 logrofarms
grow at home mushroom kit

grow at home mushroom kit

We’ve talked about how the Logro mushroom kit is a great way to become more environmentally responsible. We’ve touted the fantastic potential fungi have for our forests, our gardens, communities, our healthcare and communication systems. If you’re as excited about mushrooms as we are, sometimes it can be little frustrating when your friends or family don’t want to listen to your extensive “save the planet” lecture. So let’s make it simple. What we want to share with you today are 3 very practical reasons why getting your very own grow at home mushroom kit makes sense.


Mushrooms are packed with vital nutrients and vitamins that are essential to human health. In particular they are loaded with Vitamin D. Vitamin D is readily available in our environment thanks to the warming rays of the sun; however, people are increasingly becoming deficient in it because they are spending less time outdoors. What’s the solution? A Mushroom solution! The home mushroom kit is ideal for those needing an extra dose of Vitamin D and especially makes sense for those living in colder winter climates, where regular outside activity isn’t practical.

On top of the nutrients mushrooms provide, you can rest easy know that you mushrooms are being sourced in the most organic way possible – in the comfort of your very home. No need to worry about chemicals, insects or vermin having touched your edibles. You have your own health store in a box.


Most of the time the only mushrooms you can find at your grocery store are the typical Button mushrooms or maybe some Portabella. Many times they aren’t organic and even at that they can cost quite a bit, especially if you don’t actually use them and they go bad. At some places, 1lb of Oyster Mushrooms can cost up to $35 a pound or more! Yikes. With a mushroom kit from Logro Farms you can grow up to 1.5lbs of fresh mushrooms for only $18 for a full size kit, or only $12 for mini kit. That’s quite the savings!


Probably the most rewarding of all is the amount of fun your mushroom kit can be. Seeing something so pronounced grow at such a rapid rate is exciting. If you have kids it can be a great educational experience for them and they’re so easy to maintain, you can let them be in charge! For friends and family who visit, you have a sure-fire conversation starter as they’ll probably have never even considered growing mushrooms at home a possibility. What’s even better is that you’ll probably have so many shrooms – you’ll be giving them away.

Introducing the Logro mini-mushroom kit

Small Grow-at-home Oyster Mushroom Kit

There’s a new sheriff in town – the mini mushroom kit from Logro farms! If you’re cramped for counter space this is the mushroom kit you want. Although smaller than the full size kit, the mini will still produce 1lb of mushrooms to satisfy your ravenous appetite. Don’t worry, if you still want a bigger bounty we have plenty of full size kits still in stock. Get yours and one for a friend today!

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